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Director of Studies
Dr. Rosebet Miranda Luna
Ingeniería en Mrcatrónica
A Profile of the Graduate
 El aspirante a la carrera de Ingeniería en Mecatrónica de la UTM, debe poseer: conocimientos básicos de física, matemáticas y computación, ser creativo, analítico y auto didacta, tener el gusto por las aplicaciones ingenieriles y el trabajo en equipo.
The Workplace
 These professionals work in the following areas:
  • The automobile industry
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Materials processes
  • Medical equipment
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic metal industry
  • The petroleum industry
  • Materials processing
Study Plan

 Differential Calculus
 Structural Programming
 History of Philosophy
 Introduction to Mechatronic Engineering

 Integral Calculus
 Linear Algebra
 Data Structure
 General Theory of Systems

 Differential Equations
 Systems Programming
 Metrology and Transductors
 Electrical Circuits I
 Electricity and Magnetism
 Computer Aided Drawing

 Wave Physics
 Numeric Methods
 Electrical Circuits II
 Systems Dynamics
 Materials Engineering

 Probability and Statistics
 Resistance in Materials
 Electronic Circuit Design
 Control Theory
 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
 Electromechanical Systems

 Enhanced Electronic Circuit Design
 Logic Circuits
 Mechanics of Fluids
 Reliability Engineering
 Systems Control Design
 Machine Design

 Digital Systems
 Signal and Image Processing
 Concurrent Engineering and Product Development
 Communications Systems I
 Mechatronic Systems Design I

 Microcomputer Architecture
 Economic Engineering
 Robotics I
 Mechatronic Systems Design II
 Design and Analysis of Experiments
 Communications Systems II

 Formulating and Evaluating Projects
 Robotics II
 Ecology and Sustainable Development
 Manufacturing Processes
 Thesis Seminar I

 Thesis Seminar II
 Introduction to Biomechatronics
 Manufacturing Systems

Department of Mechatronic Engineering

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The term mechatronic is used to describe the integration of control systems based on microprocessors, electronic and mechanical systems. A mechatronic system is not simply the union of electronic and mechanical systems and is more than a simple control system: it is the complete integration of all of the above (see W. Bolton in [1]).

A common consensus to describe mechatronics as an integrated discipline of the areas of mechanics, electronics and computing whose objective is to provide better products, processes and systems. Mechatronics is not just a new branch of engineering, but a recently developed concept which emphasizes the need for integration and of intensive interaction between the different areas of engineering.

“Mechatronics is the combination of synergies of mechanical engineering of precision, of electronics, of automatic control and of the systems used for the design of products and processes”. Obviously, other versions of this definition exist, but it is clearly emphasized that mechatronics is directed at design and applications (see J.A. Rietdijk in [2]).

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Fields of Research

The Department of Mechatronic Engineering supports five fields of research:

  • Soft starting control of electrical machines through power converters.
  • Three-phase power active filters to correct the power factor and harmonics in the three-phase network.
  • Automation and diagnostics of complicated processes.
  • Robotics and unaligned control systems.
  • Processing digital images.


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