The Center for Strategic Business Studies (CEESEM) of the University was created in 2006 as a response to multiple needs and problems arising from a lack of competitiveness among businesses in the face of new business theories in today's globalized world.

 The CEESEM is a center for study, analysis and reflection with regard to the problems facing businesses as well as business solutions. The Center focuses on the identification and diffusion of the latest business trends which are oriented towards best practices.  The Center carries out research with the goal of influencing and contributing to the development of viable,  comprehensive and highly competitive management systems.

 The CEESEM offers the private sector a wide range of services administered by experienced and highly trained specialists. The facilities of the Center are noteworthy in that they are equipped with the latest technology. The work of the Center is focused on the day-to-day functioning of businesses, institutions and organizations which want to achieve higher levels of development and productivity.

 Activities carried out at CEESEM:
  • Research projects related to best practices in business, seeking a compatible balance between feasibility and functionality.
  • Diagnosis of business problems, with a view to better positioning companies within their respective business environments.
  • Training, consultancy and technical assistance to businesses and employees to modernize and improve management of businesses and institutions.
  • Courses, workshops and certificate programmes that are practical and theory based to improve business profitability and competitiveness.
  • Constant upgrading of knowledge of labor and fiscal regulations.
  • Creation of a database of resources, production and trade of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico and the world.
 These activities are carried out by holding various kinds of events:  workshops, meetings, symposia, congresses, working groups and conferences.

 The Center was established to take advantage of the scientific, technological and human resources which the University has at its disposal.


Carretera a Acatlima Km. 2.5 Huajuapan de León, Oax., México C.P. 69000