About the Conference

Studies in Applied Mathematics are undertaken at some SUNEO universities. One of the most important research areas we are interested is in mathematical modelling related to many different fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Mathematical Epidemiology, Social Sciences, Biomathematics, Engineering and Quantum Computing.
Promoting joint work with international researchers and allowing students to visualize how to solve local problems is our way of growing the community.
Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, this edition of the congress will be held face-to-face and remotely.

Organizing Committee

  • Mario Arciga A. (UNISTMO).
  • Jorge Arellano (UTM).
  • Pascal Barradas (UMAR).
  • Franco Barragán (UTM).
  • Verónica Borja Macías (UTM).
  • Álvaro Castañeda-Mendoza (UNISTMO).
  • Guillermo Arturo Lancho-Romero (UTM).
  • Víctor Méndez-Salinas (UNPA).
  • Sergio Palafox (UTM).
  • Silvia Reyes-Mora (UTM).
  • Emmanuel A. Romano-Castillo (UTM).
  • Jesús F. Tenorio (UTM).
  • Virgilio Vázquez-Hipólito (UTM).
  • Ana D. Olvera-Cervantes (UTM).
  • Lizbeth Peñaloza (UMAR).
  • Tomás Pérez-Becerra (UTM).
  • Salvador Sánchez-Perales (UTM).
  • Cenobio Yescas-Aparicio (UTM).

Scientific Committee

  • Alejandro I. Aguirre-Salado.

  • Ignacio Barradas.

  • Marcos A. Capistrán.

  • Salvador Cruz Aké.

  • Raúl Cruz-Barbosa.

  • Raúl Felipe-Sosa.

  • Gerardo Hernández-Dueñas.

  • Salvador Enrique Lobato Larios.

  • Tomás Pérez-Becerra.

  • Silvia Reyes-Mora.

  • Emmanuel A. Romano-Castillo.

  • Virgilio Vázquez-Hipólito.

  • Geiser Villavicencio-Pulido.


The conference will be held as an hybrid event: Some conferences will be held in person in the Auditorium, or in the Paraninfo, or in the CEESEM of the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca, with online transmissions, and other conferences will be held remotely, for which you need the zoom platform . Please follow this link for instructions.

About Huajuapan


Huajuapan de León is a rural city with a surrounding municipality located in the northwestern part of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It is part of the Huajuapan District in the north of the Mixteca Region. The name of Huajuapan comes probably from the Nahuatl words for guaje (huaxitl) and river (apan), meaning "River of the guaje trees". The town was elevated to an honorary Mexican status in June 1843 in remembrance of The siege of Huajuapan, a battle between the royal army and the insurgents led by José María Morelos, which was won by the insurgents. The city is named after Antonio de León, a hero of the Mexican War of Independence.