Useful Information for Participants

Here you can find some useful information such as conference registration, proceedings and accommodations

May 14th to August 17th 29th.
September 5th.
October 4th.
September 19th.
Apply: May 14th to August 17th. 29th
Results: September 10th.

Participating at CIMM2018

If you wish to participate at CIMM2018 please follow these steps. Step 1 is for authors. Step 2 is for authors and attendees. If you are an author you can follow steps 1 and 2 in any order, just take into account deadlines. You can navigate down this page for detailed info about these steps.

Step 1: Abstract Submission
Submit your abstract for review if you wish to participate as author.
Step 2: Conference Registration
Either if you are an author or an attendee you have to register.
Step 3: Publish your Paper
After the conference is over, you may get an invitation for publishing your paper as a chapter in CIMM2018 book on mathematical modelling.

Step 1: Abstract Submission

From May 13th to August 17th 29th we are accepting abstract submissions on mathematical modelling on the topics listed bellow.

The abstract submission process is done through easy-chair online system.

If you don't have an account please download instructions with clickable links in ENGLISH or SPANISH for your online submission account setup.

If you already have an account then follow the online submission link to easy-chair site.

Dra. Veronica Borja is in charge of the abstract submission process.
If you have any trouble don't hesitate to contact her at


August 17th 29th.


September 5th


English or Spanish


  • Talk.
  • Poster.


  • Research results.
  • Thesis reports.
  • Divulgation conferences.


Mathematical modelling on:

  • Social Sciences.
  • Biomathematics.
  • Geophysics.
  • Engineering.

Step 2: Conference Registration

If you want to attend to CIMM2018 as author or attendee please fill in the form bellow.

Thanks to the Mexican Mathematical Society (SMM) there is a limited amount of financial aid for accommodations and/or food only for students. You can apply for this aid bellow at the registration form. A copy of your simple kardex with grades is required.

If you are a speaker or second author you need to fill this form if you wish to participate in any workshop.

In case you have to pay a registration fee please follow the instructions provided here for your payment. The form next down allows you to upload and send us a copy of your bill along with your registraton request.

All fields are required.
If something goes wrong we will remember most of your filled in information but you have to select any file again.

Name :
Speakers, second authors and general public who seek certificate of participation (MXN600)
Students who seek certificate of participation (MXN300)
SUNEO's students and teachers, either author or atendee. (MXN00)

Financial Aid:
Deadline for financial aid has been reached.
All whorkshops are full!
Estimación de parámetros en modelos definidos por ecuaciones diferenciales ordinarias
Modelos de flujo y transporte en medios porosos
Introducción a la criptografía

If you want to send your payment receipt check this box and upload your copy. Valid files are gif, jpg, png and pdf. If no file is selected, you will get a reminder in the confirmation email.
Send your payment now.

You will send file by email or choose one.


Step 3: Publish your Paper

After finishing the International Conference on Mathematical Modelling a ISBN registered book will be published with selected manuscripts published as a chapter. Each manuscript will be reviewed for publication by the Scientific Committee. If you get an invitation to submit your manuscript for publication please follow these guidelines.


October 8th to November 9th.
15 to 30 pages.
Send a PDF document

Accommodations and Travel Information

Here you can find some helpful information for traveling.

Recommended hotels

Travel Information

If you fly to Mexico City please read the following

Customs and Immigration

You will enter as a tourist and have the right to receive up to 90 days on your tourist visa. There has been a recent change to the laws and you may be given up to 180 days rather than 90 days. Customs at the airport is on a red-light/green-light system with 30% receiving the red inspection light. As a tourist you are allowed to bring in a laptop computer, but not a desktop. Please note that there is also a limit on the number of recorded CDs you can bring in (20).

Travel to Huajuapan

The trip from Mexico City is six hours on the first class bus from the TAPO bus station. The bus company is called Cristóbal Colon (OCC). You can find an up-to-date schedule at . First class buses in Mexico generally have an on board bathroom and show videos. The first class bus will only make one or two stops on the way to Huajuapan, so you will probably want to buy some water and a snack before boarding. (Note if you are on a bus that will be traveling during lunch time (2:00 to 4:00 pm) there will probably be a half hour meal break at a roadside restaurant.) The trip is very scenic, so you may want a seat next to the window. The last couple of hours are the windiest, so if you get motion sick, you might want to consider Dramamine.

Once you are in Mexico City, we recommend you to get a registered taxi: tickets for it can be bought inside the airport. A taxi to the TAPO bus station should cost 100-250 pesos. You should not pay the taxi driver any additional money. If you have a lot of luggage, the airport porters are trustworthy and can help you with your luggage for 20 pesos. Again, once you arrive at the bus station there are also porters, who can take you and your luggage from where the taxi’s drop you off to the bus company’s ticket counter. They make a bit less, you can pay them 10-15 pesos.

Due to the length of the bus trip from Mexico City, it may be advisable to stay the night in Mexico City if your flight arrives after 3pm. We can recommend secure hotels in various price-ranges.