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November 13th to 14th, 2014
Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca, México



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Travel Information

Flying into Mexico City:

Customs and Immigration:

You will enter as a tourist and have the right to receive up to 90 days on your tourist visa. There has been a recent change to the laws and you may be given up to 180 days rather than 90 days. Customs at the airport is on a red-light/green-light system with 30% receiving the red inspection light. As a tourist you are allowed to bring in a laptop computer, but not a desk top. Please note that there is also a limit on the number of recorded CDs you can bring in (20).

Travel to Huajuapan:

The trip from Mexico City is six hours on the first class bus from the TAPO bus station. The bus company is called Cristóbal Colon (OCC). You can find an up-to-date schedule at . First class buses in Mexico generally have an on board bathroom and show videos. The first class bus will only make one or two stops on the way to Huajuapan, so you will probably want to buy some water and a snack before boarding. (Note if you are on a bus that will be traveling during lunch time (2:00 to 4:00 pm) there will probably be a half hour meal break at a roadside restaurant.) The trip is very scenic, so you may want a seat next to the window. The last couple of hours are the windiest, so if you get motion sick, you might want to consider Dramamine.

We recognize that arriving into Mexico City can be a little bit scary, even for those who have traveled before. It is an easy registered taxi ride away.

To get a registered taxi, you buy a ticket inside the airport. Just outside the customs area to the left you will find the ticket window. A taxi to the TAPO bus station should cost 100-250 pesos. You then take that ticket outside to the waiting taxis. You should not pay the taxi driver any additional money. If you have a lot of luggage, the airport porters are trustworthy and can help you with your luggage for 20 pesos. Again, once you arrive at the bus station there are also porters, who can take you and your luggage from where the taxi’s drop you off to the bus company’s ticket counter. They make a bit less, you can pay them 10-15 pesos.

Due to the length of the bus trip from Mexico City, it may be advisable to stay the night in Mexico City if your flight arrives after 3pm. We can recommend secure hotels in various price-ranges.


They are many money changers at the airport in Mexico City, the cash rate is fixed and should be displayed. There may or may not be a commission or better rate on traveler’s checks. The EASIEST way to get money for your journey to Huajuapan is to use your ATM/Bank card and any of the numerous bank machines at the airport. As long as your card is on a Cirrus/Plus/MasterCard/Visa system it will be widely accepted.

Flying into Oaxaca City

Customs and Immigration:

If you get a connection to Oaxaca, you will not go through customs and immigration in Mexico City. Most of the passengers on the plane will have boarded in Mexico, and not need to pass through customs and immigration upon arrival in Oaxaca. You baggage will not be with the rest of the baggage, but in a separate part. Look for the customs sign (it’s a very small airport).

From the airport you will want to take a shuttle into the center of town (much cheaper than a taxi). Oaxaca is a very safe city. If you want to stay the night there’s a wide variety of hotels ranging from US $10 a night to US $150. You’ll have lots of chances to return to see the sights.

Travel to Huajuapan:

From Oaxaca City, the best way to travel to Oaxaca is in one of the frequent van services. These are called “suburbans” and leave every 30 minutes from two stations on Hidalgo Street between Independecia and Tinoco y Palacios streets. The cost is $100 pesos and the trip takes about 2 ½ hours. The last hour of the trip is the windiest so if you get motion sick, either ask for the front seat or take Dramamine. (If you are tall it is also advisable to ask for the front seat.)

Helpful hotel clerks and taxi drivers may try to direct you to the second class bus station to get a bus to Huajuapan. People who don’t travel to Huajuapan regularly generally don’t know about the van service. The buses are not advisable because they can take up to four hours to make the trip (due to the frequency of stops).

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